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Lien & Amine

Hyatt Ziva Cancun, Mexico

6 December 2021



Meet ourWedding Party

Meet the Bridesmaids

Neelam Sachania - Maid of Honor

Neelam and Lien met in high school and immediately bonded over their subpar math skills. Besties since high school, the two have been through thick and thin and even survived being roommates.  Neelam and Lien have shared many life moments from graduating college together, purchasing their first condo, buying a first home, to witnessing each other’s path to happily ever after.  Neelam has been Lien’s rock through every step of her

life journey.  Their bond is inseparable.  They have gone on major adventures together including summiting Africa’s tallest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro and completing a 50 mile trek through Iceland.  They are destined to be friends forever because they simply know too much of each other’s secrets LOL.


Lien and Ashley first connected many decades ago in Mrs. Knoll’s 2nd-grade class. They formed an instant bond and were close childhood friends until Lien moved away and the two lost touch. As fate would have it, they found each other again while both attending Georgia State University during their undergraduate years. Although they spent years apart, their friendship picked up right where they left off. A food enthusiast, Ashley is often times endearingly referred to by Lien as her "Yelp Elitist" friend. Today, Ashley still serves as Lien's voice of reason during their favorite shared activity: catching up over a delicious local meal while sharing the celebrations and challenges of adulthood.

Ashley Mack-Bridesmaid

Thuy is another childhood bestie of Lien.They have known each other since kindergarten when Lien barely knew how to speak English. Thuy is an amazing mother to three kids, whom Lien has added to her ongoing list of nieces and nephews. Always there for each other, the two have remained friends even when life got in the way. Thuy is Lien’s one true Vietnamese friend who offers the best advice without judgment and a constant supporter of all of life’s achievements.

Thuy Van Nguyen-Bridesmaid


Emily and Lien met when they were 10 years old through Emily’s aunt, Suzanne.  Emily introduced Lien to technology and taught her how to use a computer for the first time before technology became a thing. They spent almost every weekend and summer together exploring the lush surroundings in Cuchara Valley. Lien was one of Emily’s bridesmaids when she tied the knot.  Lien is grateful for Emily’s patience and friendship over the years.

Emily Dent - Bridesmaid

LaCole and Lien’s friendship began in 7th grade where they soon became best friends. Their friendship has spanned over two decades and they have gone through many different chapters of their lives and have remained inseparable. Lien introduced LaCole to her life partner many years ago. Little did she know, LaCole would return the favor unintentionally on one auspicious day in 2017 when LaCole introduced Lien to Amine, the man that would one day marry her. LaCole has been a huge influence in Lien’s fitness journey and lifestyle changes and continues to support Lien in all of her life’s endeavors.

LaCole Ofosu-Honorary Guest


Meet the Groomsmen

RC Sayyah - Best Man

Best Man - RC and I have been friends since the early days when we trained at the gym for body-building and have shared many of life’s big moments from birthdays, college graduations, buying a house to marriage. It means the world to me to have him there on the day I get married as he is my “big bro” and has always looked out for me and have been nothing less than supportive throughout my adult life. You could say it’s a bromance, but it might be more than that (and Lien’s trying not to be jealous!! lol).

RC Sayyah.jpg
El Mahdi Holly.jpg

El-Mahdi Holly - Groomsman

El and I have been reliable friends for more than 8 years and our friendship journey started from volunteer work with various nonprofit organizations throughout Atlanta. El is one of a kind supportive, responsible, family-oriented, generous, and public-servant friend who has always been there when I called out for his help and advice.

William Huynh - Groomsman

William and I have been friends and almost instant “bros” since we first met 3 years ago when Lien introduced us. William will be my brother

in-law where in fact he’s already considered my brother as he has been genuinely gracious, welcoming, supportive and sincere. I am ecstatic to have him by my side during our big day.

William Huynh.jpg
Richard Maier.jpg

Richard Maier - Groomsman

I met Richard during the long time I trained at Sprayberry LA fitness 9 years ago. Our friendship has outlasted that gym and many other friendship related memories since then. Richard is the most uplifting friend I’ve ever known who is truly THERE when one needs a friend’s help or supportive voice.

Liam Huynh - Ringbearer

Liam is Lien’s youngest nephew. Liam and his Co Lien both enjoy traveling together, cooking breakfast, and competing to see who does the better cartwheel. Liam is very opinionated and keeps his aunt grounded. Liam and Co Lien are often checking out the trendy new local restaurants, enjoying a nice charcuterie board at home, or fighting over whose grubby hand prints are on the walls. Lien and Amine are honored that Liam has agreed to be the ringbearer!

Liam Huynh.jpg
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