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Lien & Amine

Hyatt Ziva Cancun, Mexico

6 December 2021



Our Love Story

Lien & Amine met through a mutual friend, LaCole, who worked with Amine during the fall of 2017.

Lien needed one additional person to complete an already planned group trip to Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal. 

LaCole introduced the two knowing Amine’s spontaneous nature and he would be up for the challenge with such short notice.


Lien & Amine’s first phone conversation lasted for 8 hours because the two just simply “clicked”.

They went on their first date a week and a half later.  Lien & Amine spent 12 days together hiking through the Himalayas and enduring each other’s best and worst moments after only knowing each other for a month, it was truly an adventure of a love story beginning. 


They knew if they could go through that, spending the rest of their lives would be easy.  

Our Engagement Story

Amine’s original proposal plan was supposed to be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Unfortunately, Covid-19 had other plans.  Brazil’s trip was canceled in March when the pandemic crippled the world. 

Once travel restrictions lifted and Mexico opened their borders in July, Lien’s cabin fever kicked in and a trip to Cancun was booked.


Amine spoke to the resort activities manager and planned the proposal while Lien was at the beach.  He scheduled a spa day for the two but little did she know, he snuck out early during their couples massage. 


Once Lien was done, the activities manager handed her a note to go back to the room to get ready. 


Shortly after, Lien was escorted to the resort’s cafe.  She was blindfolded by whom she thought was the activities manager but it was Amine, who was told to hold onto a string. 


Then their favorite song came over the speakers and the box landed in Lien’s hand.  The blindfold was removed and Amine was down on one knee.  

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