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Tina & Derek

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1. Fill out the form below to book a room and RSVP for the wedding.

Please read the Q&As before booking your room. 

2. See Travel page for room pricing.

Please input room category that you're booking. Include any customized requests in the "Additional Information" field. 

3. Credit Card Authorization:

Option 1 - Deposit of  $100 per person without Travel Protection;

Deposit for 1 person : $100

Deposit for 2 people : $200

 Option 2 - Deposit of  $100 per person + the cost of travel protection (per person)

Deposit for 1 person : Total travel protection plan payment + $100.

Deposit for 2 people : Total travel protection plan payment x2 + $200.

**See Travel Protection pricing and terms HERE.   Please note that the insurance company charges a $50 surcharge to all guests traveling during holidays - in this case, your group is traveling during the President's Day holiday weekend. You are also entitled to purchase travel protection from any outside trusted supplier.


4. Please submit your deposit and expect an email confirmation within 1-2 business days from 

Please check your email!

(SPAM too)  The best way to prevent your itinerary going to spam is adding this email address to your contacts:



Prices and availability are subject to change until a deposit is made.

*If you have trouble, please refresh your browser or try using a computer versus mobile phone for this form.

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