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love story

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How Our Story Began?


Our journey began online using POF and we were both were completely over it to be honest. When we tell you, it was truly some over the top, just straight hot messes with some extra ratchet sauce on top.

Shay was in the process of deleting the app the same day that she got a message from Stacy. Stacy was in disbelief from previous responses and expected the same thing when she reached out to Shay. As we were both throwing in the towel, Shay responded as she was intrigued by the message that she received. She finally got a message from someone that sounded like they had some sense and Stacy got a response from someone that sounded like they had some sense. Both of us said FINALLY!

We began communicating and it just felt natural. Literally staying on the phone for hours and just getting to know each other. Our conversations lead us to going on out on our first date to Kat’s Café where we could hear some soulful live music and see what the in-person vibes felt like.

Stacy went to pick up Shay that night because in true Shay fashion she was not ready. As Stacy waited, she got the opportunity to talk to her best friend (Shamocka) where we discovered that we attended the same church, 12 Stone. Is this a sign that things were about to go well? Indeed, it was because the date went exceptionally well and that lead to many many more dates.

We continued to date for another 2 years because we were so used to being in a relationship our entire adult life. We took our time and just got to know each other without any commitments. That was one of the best decisions we could have ever made because it really helped us learn so much about each other and truly appreciate the core values that define our true individual authenticity. 

We took a trip to the cabins just to spend more time together, where Shay asked Stacy to be her girlfriend. Soon there after we were living together and continued creating so many memorable moments and the evolution of our relationship began to just soar. We connected with each other in so many ways and learned to support each other through trials and tribulations placing God as the head of our lives.

After being together 2 ½ years and purchasing our first home together, Stacy proposed to Shay on December 12, 2020. It was indeed time to continue elevating our relationship and we couldn’t be happier with how we have grown as one unit, learned what it truly means to have a solid foundation and began establishing our own combined core values. 

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