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Meet our Bridal Party

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Meet Our Parents 

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Kevin & Maureen, Parents of the

Kevin & Maureen Keithley

Parents of the Bride

With “Bean” as her Father nicknamed her early in life (it’s short for Bean Head – an affectionate name given for her silliness and Bean rhymes with Colleen), there’s never a dull moment:  She’s the center of attention if she wants it or not.  She lights up rooms and faces with her beauty and loving heart.

Max appeared one day at our home as an unknown, yet whisked our beloved Colleen to Las Vegas for a 3-day music festival.  We were told the two of them “were friends of friends.”  We knew Colleen’s friends and there was some comfort in that until we saw he had the family van. We started the ‘inquisition’ as he stood in the foyer with his feet together in a dancer’s stance.  We asked if he was a dancer and he said, yes.  When asked what he liked most about dance, he replied, “it teaches you how to be with a woman.’ What an incredible thoughtful reply and it resonated long enough for Maureen to take out her iPhone and capture a picture of both Max and the van's license plate. True story.

Max’s authenticity, ever-present wit, and genuine care for others bring out the best in everyone around him.  We love his openness and appetite for the good things in life. He’s always been a part of our family, now we just make it ‘official’. 

Maureen and Kevin dated over 7 years before they got married and as a child, Colleen once asked, “Daddy, when did you fall in love with Mommy?”  Kevin replied, “I didn’t fall in love with her. I always loved her.”  Now after 9 years, Max and Colleen experience the same as they are destined for a great life together with the blessings they give to others.  We won’t be hard to find at the wedding - - - we’re the ones crying and giving hugs.  Thank you two for who you are for all of us.  We love you. 

Martin & Elina Kalberer, Grooms Parents.

Martin & Elina Kalberer

Parents of the Groom

Just like Max and Colleen, Elina and I met through friends. 20 yrs ago we meet, me a recent transplant from Washington state, looking for warmer climates and the opportunities of the Silicon Valley. Elina out to blow off some steam and enjoy a Saturday night with friends at the Russian Restaurant with food and dancing until the middle of the night. I was invited by a mutual friend to hang out with some "Russians", it was my first time and was a life-changing event for us. It doesn’t happen too often these days; to develop love, by starting with strong friendship. We were both looking at Max and Colleen when they were together in those early days and could see the spark and the interest, but we always heard from Max, we are “just friends”. But the spark was real and in less than a year they starting dating. Not long after that things moved very quickly and almost without notice we had adopted a new roommate! YEARS later when they moved out to strike out on their own, it was not unexpected, but it was sad day. Their positive energy was always infectious and made you forget about your daily problems. Always ready to celebrate any occasion or no occasion at all. On Feb 25, 2022 in Cancun, a new life partnership will begin and the party will continue as it has for the last 9 years!

Meet the Bride's Party

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Austin Keithley

Dude of Honor

Having Colleen as a sister and as a best friend is more then what I could ask for. But it’s even better to see that she’s found her love and best friend for life, Max. Getting to know Max has been a ride of laughter and great times, it’s easy too see why these two people are made for each other. I’m honored to soon call Max a brother and extremely excited for the wedding. These two individuals can conquer anything and it’s incredible to see them always challenging and supporting each other for the best. Love you both and can’t wait for the big day/week! Congratulations!

Catherine, Bridesmaid.jpg

Catherine Keithley-Lawson


Catherine is Colleen’s big sister. She is very excited for Max and Colleen to tie the knot. From Catherine deliberately cutting Colleen’s bangs too short as a little girl to now being her bridesmaid, she’s seen Colleen grow into quite the young lady. Congrats and welcome to the family Max!

Theresa Purser-Tang,Bridesmaid.jpg

Theresa Purser-Tang


I've been a "guys girl" for most of my life, and while I've always become acquaintances with the girlfriends of Kevin's friends (he and Max have known each other since highschool) – I just usually get along better with the guys....until Colleen. One fateful night in San Francisco we laughed hysterically over the tiniest bathroom sink ever and we realized that our souls speak the same language; it's been a blissful and exciting friendship ever since.  This sweet & bubbly, kindhearted chickadee has since grown to be one of my dearest friends and closest confidants. I am SO grateful to have her in my life and even more honored to be part of her & Max's special day. Cheers to the gorgeous couple finally doing the damn thang!!

Katelyn Beebe, Bridesmaid.jpg

Katelyn Ketterling-Beebe


In 2017 I moved to a new city where I met this outgoing beautiful ray of sunshine, Colleen. Little did I know she was going to be one of my dearest and closest friends. From camping trips, skiing down the mountain (Me falling & Colleen showing me how a pro does it), festivals, crafty tie dye nights and boat days I knew Colleen was going to be a big part of my life. I am so happy for the beautiful couple and to be a part of this special day. Congratulations and I can't wait to see Colleen and Max tie the knot in paradise! XO - Katelyn

Sofia Kalberer.jpg

Sofia Kalberer


The first memory I have of Colleen was her 21st birthday at my house when I was about 5 years old. I couldn’t believe that my brother Max knew this pretty girl and I think my mom thought the same. Years later, I had the privilege of living with her when Max and Colleen were in college and she’s been the biggest role model in my life and may as well be my older sister. I have so many fond memories with her like baking, skiing, going on trips, dining out, watching her scroll on Pinterest for hours (lol), playing with my cat Mocha, doing hair, and much more. I’m so thankful to her for playing such a huge part in my childhood and day to day life now. She deserves absolutely everything and I know she’ll succeed and overcome any obstacles. Congratulations, Love you!!

Arielle Bruk.jpg

Arielle Bruk


There was never a specific moment where I met Colleen, she’s just always been in my life! Colleen has been a constant role model for me alyways teaching me things about highschool and the future to come. I’ve always looked up to Colleen, in the way she presents herself and especially her successes. Ever since I was younger, I always saw Colleen as someone who was perfect. I’m so thankful for her coming into my life and I look forward to witnessing her accomplishments. I love you, congratulations!

Meet the Groom's Party

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Daniel Gutkin


It all started 17 years ago in high school, when I first met Max. He had just moved to the area and we quickly became inseparable. Max is definitely the brother I never had. He's always had my back and I'm sure he knows I have his. Growing up, Max was always the catalyst; meeting new people and finding new adventures for us to explore (generally just narrowly avoiding trouble). He draws people in like a magnet because he's authentic, loyal and has that joie de vivre. We had so many adventures over the years, it'd be impossible to list them all. But his most important adventure is coming up and I couldn't be more excited for him. As soon as I first met Colleen, I saw how good of a fit her and Max were together. It's really hard to sum up Colleen in just a few words, but I'll try: She's charismatic, intelligent and doesn't suffer no fools. Basically, the perfect fit for Max. I'm grateful I have people as awesome as Max and Colleen in my life and I'm honored to be the best man to my best friend. See you all in paradise where this amazing couple will tie the knot!

Andre Kalberer.jpg

Andre Kalberer


Some of my favorite memories with my brother Max are from Pine Mountain Lake, where we jumped off the dock and always tried to dive into tubes. I loved going skiing in Tahoe and looking for jumps, even when I messed or didn't end up hitting them. I look up to my brother since he made something out of himself and managed to become successful in life. He's always able to make me smile and create good times. Thank you for being the best Brother!

Alex Varnava.jpg

Alex Varnava


Max and I go way back to post-Soviet Tiraspol where our families have been linked over 3 generations. Though he moved to the States a little before I did, we reconnected in '95 and instantly became pals. I still recall the fun times when we as kids drifted his electric ride-on jeep around the corners of Anza and 29th. The original O'Conner and Toretto! Our friendship was rekindled in college and has never been stronger. Clubbing, bar hopping, holidays at Martin & Lina's - Max and Colleen are always a good time! Looking forward to more camping/beach trips with these lovebirds. I'm thrilled to be part of this momentous occasion and can't wait to dig my toes into the warm sand of Playa del Carmen. Arriba!

Jason Tang.jpg

Jason Tang


I have known Max since Highschool. Watching each other grow, he has been part of my life, as we grew up from teenage trouble makers into adults! Colleen and Max are the perfect fit for each other, and I am so excited for them to start their adventure together!!

Corbin Beebe.jpg

Corbin Beebe


Max and Corbin first met during their freshman year at Carlmont High School but became great friends after graduating from high school while attending San Jose State and living together as roommates. Both had similar fates at SJSU and decided that going to college elsewhere was a better option. Throughout both of their journeys through college and life, they remained great friends and helped each other stay motivated to follow their goal of graduating college and starting their careers. Even while maintaining focus on college and their careers, they always find time to traveling together and spend time with their mutual group of friends. Corbin is honored and excited to be a part of this huge moment in Max’s journey!

Kevin Tang.jpg

Kevin Tang


Max and I started our friendship at Carlmont Highschool, taking advantage of out-of-town parents and partying at friends' houses (and our own - sorry, Mom). We then graduated to college house parties and TME events at UCSC before refining our tastes for countless festivals & Wednesday night EPR ragers – I'm sure we can see a theme here. We've since grown up a bit, and may be leading slightly less rager-filled lives, but the most consistent thing about Max is that he is still always down for a great time, and he's always been a great friend, encouraging everyone around him to be positive and live life to the fullest. I'm so excited for these two lovebirds to finally get married - they're clearly meant to be and I wish them the very best!

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