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Playa del Carmen, México

Friday, February 25, 2022


How we met 


Colleen and Max met in 2011, when she was home from university visiting her girlfriends. One of their first dates was at Skyhigh, a trampoline park where the EPIC dodgeball happened….mid-game, Max struck Colleen with a foam ball straight to her right side -- you could call this Cupid’s arrow -- because from that moment on, the two were inseparable! But reality set in, and Colleen had to go back to university. Months later, Colleen spontaneously decided to go to Electric Daisy Carnival, a 3-day festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, BUT she needed a ride to get there. Max was already driving... FATE?! Some would call it!! Needless to say, THEY WENT TOGETHER! And had the time of their lives going on carnival rides, seeing their favorite EDM artists, and dancing until the sunrise! The official story is he fell in love with her under the electric daisy sky... but they didn’t officially start dating until a year later. A girl loves a chase!


How our relationship grew 


Colleen and Max spent their first few years as a couple helping each other through tough university classes and sharing a passion for food, adventure, and travel. The couple traveled throughout California, Nevada, México, Costa Rica, Spain, Germany, Croatia, and Indonesia, growing deeper in love with each other every step of the way. Although their bucket list doubled since they started exploring together, their larger accomplishment together was graduating from the School of Business at San Francisco State University in 2016. Soon after, they made the leap from living with their parents to sharing a tropical, boho-chic apartment in Mountain View, California. Living together was the final test and proved they can do anything together! 


How we got engaged 

After 8 years of dating, they are still best friends and madly in love. Max popped the question on 10/03/2020 at Bean Hollow Beach in Pescadero, California. Max made it seem like a casual wine tasting picnic with close friends. Colleen had no idea the playful question, “do you want to go on a hike”, would lead to the ultimate question and moment she would never forget. Max got down on one knee, cliff-side, with waves crashing and a shining blue sky. Colleen cried and jumped with joy saying, “yes, of course” and “FINALLY!” The day got even better when Max surprised Colleen with an engagement party at his childhood home with her close friends and family.


How we plan to get married and spend the future together 

Colleen and Max are planning their destination wedding in Playa Del Carmen, México, a place held close to both of their hearts because it was the first international place they travelled to as a couple, and Colleen's first trip outside of the United States. They immediately fell in love with the amazing food and drinks (of course), culture, and natural beauty -- the bluest ocean with sea life and a wild, tropical jungle with all its sounds! The lovebirds are planning a trip of a lifetime and would be honored to have you join them to share in the adventure and all its magic!

See you in Playa Del Carmen, México on 02/25/2022!


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