Briana & Ryan

Secrets Playa Mujeres, Mexico



Our Love Story

It all started roughly senior year in HS when Ryan started pulling the old "tap on the shoulder & run deal". I will admit he got me multiple times, which I will chock up as blonde moments. ;)

We both were involved in multiple sports and kept busy, but I always had the in on when the infamous "basement parties" would be happening. ​​Until this day, Ryan will always say I was heart broken when I asked him to walk with me at graduation and he couldn't because someone else had already asked him. 

Please....I think those feelings were the other way around hah

Even though that didnt work out, as years passed, we still kept in touch. Ryan was one of the few people who put that extra effort forth, even coming to visit me 4.5 hours away. As years went by and I was in college and Ryan was working, his efforts werent going by un-noticed.

When he decided to ask me out on a date, I was hesitant at first. That loud immature HS kid I remembered, could he really have grown up to be this responsible trusting man? Could I see my self being serious with him and getting past the "friend zone"? I took some time to sleep on those questions, and looking back on the effort he had put forth toward our friendship, I decided he deserved a chance.

As the years continued on, Ryan continued to rack the miles on the jeep coming to see me at Slippery Rock, to Philly when I was living and working there, and lastly to Williamsport, where I was back in school, yet again.

Finally, able to actually be around eachother for once, Ryan purchased a fixer upper, which we worked on for about a year. We were then finally able to live together and spend time together.


From the point we started actually dating in 2012, to the house in 2017, to our fur baby and getting engaged in 2019, and finally a wedding in 2022, it sure has been quite the ride!