Our Story:  

In life you only get a few magical moments to share with a complete stranger.

Well, Aisha and I had two such moments, moments that would mold and shape the rest of our lives.


Moment one: one morning rushing to work, scrambling looking for a parking spot, we ran into each arguing over that spot only to find out we worked for the same company - go figure.


Moment number two: I was running late for work and, unknown to me, the train I was trying to make, was Aisha’s train. Now mind you a year had passed since our first encounter. We reached our final stop and I offered her coffee and her response was: “I don’t drink coffee but I’ll take a tea”.

I returned with the tea and she said "Thank you." and I tell her that’s just the beginning.


Since that day 5 years ago I still bring her tea and we’ve stood by each other ever since.


Now - remember I said a few moments? A few is three so the third moment will be created and celebrated with all that read this when Aisha and I become ONE!!!

 Our Wedding Party:  

Bride's sons:

Anthony Mcknight

Jacob Mcknight


Bride's niece:

Kalimah Muhammad 

Groom's children: 

Anaya Battle

Markeith Brooks

Chris Standley

Aisha Sahara Mcknight

Charles Ananias Battle